About us

PITBOX 6 is an Isle of Man based production company.

Felipe Costa & Chip Gulland create branded documentaries and tell stories with whatever camera is in their hands for streets, oceans, air or mountains.

We started in 2019 with the world famous TT races. The TT generates the rawest of human emotions, big highs, big lows, courage, determination and friendly rivalries in a tight road racing ‘family’. We were fortunate enough to find the best untold story in the TT’s history and while filming even helped in the pit crew located at… pit box 6.

Between us we are from Brazil, from the UK, play in a band, love paragliding in the alps, motorsports, bikes, Islay whisky & fire pits, kitesurfing, The Big Lebowski, wildlife, tennis, scuba diving, school runs, Mubi films, caipirinhas, Baad Acid and BoJack Horseman.

We create short or feature length films and documentaries in a run & gun style with a small crew but if David Attenborough calls we are capable. 

Production services are also available for the Isle of Man.

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MAD DADDY feat. Matt “THE MULLET’ Stevenson